The Burbs based on true events

Liane Moonraven, Writer / Creator / Executive Producer



Dahjn Maria Gomez as Lisa Sheraton


Siara Tyr as Brittany Sheraton


Narrated by Anthony Webster
Written and produced by Liane Moonraven


Sound Designer

Sebastian Lehmann, Banana Audio


Music Supervisor

Dave Davis



Joona Latti



After the sudden and unexpected death of her husband, Lisa Sheraton and her 14-year-old daughter start their lives over by moving to a new town. Lisa believes leaving their old home and painful memories behind will be good for her only child, Brittany. 


It doesn't take long for Lisa to find a place she feels is quite suitable for them. Because of the money left to her by her husband's substantial life insurance policy, Lisa knows that, at least financially, she won't have to worry about surviving.


Although their loss is great, both mother and daughter are glad to be together and starting the next chapter of their lives.


If only they could have known what awaits them....


Find answers every Thursday at 10pm/ET when the Carmen Online Theater proudly presents, The Burbs.

© 2018 by The Carmen Online Theater Group

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